Welcome to Samurai Judo Club



6.30-8.00: Orange & yellow belts                          Andrew

6.30-8.00:  Parents/adults in bouncy castle         Stu


5.30-7.00: Senior beginners & low grades          Stu

7.00-8.00: Junior Beginners and low grades Mark

7.00-8.00: Higher grade parents/adults Matt (Dutton)

8.00-9.30: Youth & Senior experienced players   Andrew / Ian


7.00-9.00: Youth & Senior experienced players   Andrew


6.00-7.30: Red – Orange belts and Special Needs         Ali / Mark / Olivia


11.00-1.00 Senior beginners & low grades         Stu

Sundays are subject to cancellation/change when we have events on.

Notes on sessions:

Monday parents/seniors is a gentle, go-at-own pace learning session.

Stu’s two senior sessions are generally for younger/more competitive seniors.

Tuesday experienced players tends to be crash bang randori! Thursdays is slightly more drills or coaching orientated, but still a good workout.


U12 years: Friday U8 or red belts sessions.

12-15 years: by arrangement, see Andrew

16+ years: either Matthew on Mondays or Stu on Tuesdays or Sundays, depending on age/intent.

If you are interested in joining the club, please email the us at club@samuraijudo.uk and he will send you all the info.

Competitions and courses have resumed, along with some dan gradings. All of these have been heavily booked and even oversubscribed, so if you want to enter one, get your entry in early!

Samurai Judo Club is a registered charity which caters for people of all ages from 6 to 70 who are interested in judo. We have players at all competitive levels as well as recreational players. We also have some of the highest level referees and competition organisers in Great Britain.

We welcome new members, whether new to judo or experienced.