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Saturday March 21   Samurai Orange & Under

                                      (Samurai JC)

Boys Red belts up to 33 kg:                        9.30 –  9.50 am

Boys Red belts over 33 kg:                        10.10 – 10.30 am

Boys Yellow & Orange belts (all):              12.30 -  1.00 pm

Girls Red Belts (all):                                   2.30 -  3.00 pm

Girls Yellow & Orange belts (all):                  3.00 -  3.30 pm

These are the times that players should arrive at the weigh-in. We aim to have players start competing within an hour of their weigh-in and finished not more than an hour after that, but we can never guarantee this: a few contests with long golden scores soon wrecks our plans, as does late entries or no-shows.

If you are delayed on the day due to traffic, road closures and so on, please ring me on 07761122977. We will try to hold your category back, although we cannot guarantee this.