Samurai Judo Club will be able to open again on April 12 for players who were under 18 years of age on 31.8.20. These will be able to train in bubbles.

New members aged 6 or above, and under 18 on 31.8.20, can join the club. Contact us for details.

The sessions for these age bands are as below. These may change when the next phase of easing comes in, provisionally on May 17.


6.30-8.00:            Orange & yellow belts


6.30-8.00:            Girls older/high grades

8.00-9.30:            Boys older/high grades                                    


6.30-8.00:            Boys older/high grades

8.00-9.30:            Girls older/high grades                                    


6.00-7.15:            Junior beginners      and Younger players *    and Special needs

7.15-8.45:            Orange & yellow belts


10.00-11.30         Red belts*


AM: possible session for older male lower grades

PM: Possible additional training sessions for older/higher grades groups

  • Starting on May 1, the younger players session will be moving (permanently) to Saturday mornings and will be from 10.00-11.00. The red belts session will then be 11.00-12.30. The last Friday session for the younger players will be April 23rd.  This move is both because it is the only way we can fit sessions in, and also because it is the only way we can staff the coaching in the long term. We apologise for any inconvenience.
  • At present, we can only fit the red belts session in on Saturday mornings, and can only fit one session in for them per week. We apologise for any inconvenience.

In the meantime, we strongly recommend this first British Judo competition of 2021:

Samurai would like to invite you to support the NHS and the wonderful work they are doing. Please follow one of these links: