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Session times 2019

Monday7:30 - 8:30Various sessionsAndrew
Tuesdays6:30 - 8:30Experienced JuniorsAndrew
Tuesdays8:30 - 6:50ParentsNigel
Tuesdays 5:45 - 6:30Special Needs PlayersOlivia
Thursday6:30 - 8:30Experienced trainingSue/Sean
Fridays6:45 - 8:00Juniors beginners(ages 6-8)Ali/Mike
Fridays6:45 - 8:00ParentsMatt

Please can we ask that all players arrive ON TIME for the sessions. We appreciate that traffic can be problem and some come from distance, so there will be the occasional situation where this is not possible. If you arrive late, please hurry to the changing rooms and get changed very Quickly.
Also, if the session starts at (for example) 6:30, the players should be on the mat ready to start at that time.